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Cement Cooler Cement Equipment In Cement Plant

The thermal efficiency of the grate cooler is 70%75% and the temperature of secondary air is high, so it is a good choice for large scale cement production. The temperature of cooled clinker. Since grate cooler is a type of quench cooler, the clinker can be treated by …

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Grate Cooler CHAENG

Grate cooler machine of CHAENG, adopts the new efficient grid plate structure which with very few leakage occurring, less abrasion and longer service life. The grate cooler is the main equipment in calcining system of the cement plant. Its main function is to cool and transport the cement clinker.

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Grate Cooler In Cement Plant MC World

At the same time, the grate cooler could offer In a cement plant, grate cooler is a basic machine in the calcining cement system, its main function is to make the ripe cement material to next system. At the same time, the grate cooler could offer rotary kiln and decomposing furnace hot air flow, which is the main equipment for recycling heat ...

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Field measurements on particle size distributions and ...

The cement plant, located in Baishan City, Jilin Province, was equipped with new dry process clinker production line, and the production capacity was 3800 tons per day. As shown in Fig. 1, the field measurements was conducted in the flue gas from the preheater and the hot air out from the clinker cooler.

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GRATE COOLER Page 1 of 1 International Cement Review

Re: GRATE COOLER. Hello Afsal, What you are describing is a common problem in clinker coolers and is generally called a "Red River". I found this passage in a book called "Clinker Coolers" by Hans E. Steuch (Chapter , p494495), which may be helpful to you;

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Problem with cooling fan of IKN grate cooler Page 1 of 2

Dec 01, 2011· Our plant have problem with IKN cooler grate. Our cooler grate just runnuing for only 9 months, but we have some problems with it. Firstly we sometime had snowman, and we had to stop the kiln 2 times to take out the snowman, and now we have problem that the airflowrate of cooling fan reduced (normally the flowrate of KID cooling fans are about ...

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Mass and Energy Balance in Grate Cooler of Cement Plant

cement plant. Given the grate cooler system in the steady state operation, some step changes are preformed on input variables in order to investigate the dynamic behaviour. The open loop process responses for the key output variables are evaluated. Inputs considered are as follows:

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Heat current model of solid granule cooling processes in ...

Apr 01, 2020· The grate cooler in the cement plant presented in Fig. 1 is investigated to demonstrate the applications of the HCM for moving packed beds. The cooling process of the cement clinker in the grate cooler satisfies Eq. , where n = 9. Boundary conditions.

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grate cooler YouTube

Jan 31, 2018· Subscribe today and give the gift of knowledge to yourself or a friend grate cooler GRATE COOLER. BULLNOSE CAST DESIGN : Titan Group, Greece Bullnose : Cast in D52A PRECAST DESIGN : Heidelberg ...

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Cross Bar Cooler Grate Cooler YouTube

May 03, 2018· GRATE COOLER. CROSS BAR COOLER. I'm Nikhil Chaurasiya From Government Polytechnic College Satna ... ( Electrostatic Precipitator) used in cement plant Duration: 5:12. Cement Tech with Nic 3,322 ...

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Energy benchmarking of cement industry, based on Process ...

Jul 01, 2017· So, it can be considered as a hot stream consisting of some segments. The Composite Curves of a cement plant (case study 1) have been shown in Fig. 3(a), regardless of CO 2 streams. As mentioned in process description section, the first part of heated air of grate cooler with higher temperature is utilized as combustion air in the kiln and ...

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Energy optimization in cement manufacturing

In the cement manufacturing process large fans draw air through the kiln, precalciner, mills and filters to an exhaust stack. Many smaller fans push the air into the grate cooler to reduce the temperature of the hot clinker leaving the kiln 1. All these airflows have to be adjusted and controlled as atmospheric conditions, process con

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Grate Cooler In Cement Plant

Grate Cooler In Cement Plant. The essential characteristic of a grate cooler is a layer of clinker spread on a moreorless horizontal perforated grate through which cold air is blown The grate is made of steel and the cold air keeps it sufficiently cool to avoid melting or burning

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Clinker Coolers Clinker Cement Clinker and Cement

grate cooler reengineering starting in the mid 1980's has generated a much improved grate cooler technology as well as a new situation on the suppliers' side. New problems were experienced and have been or are being solved. Since cement plants have life cycles of 40 years and more, numerous units of each cooler type,

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Clinker Cooler Mineral Processing Metallurgy

A modern 4½ x 70ft AirQuenching grate cooler in a US cement plant. A cooler this size will cool clinker at a rate of 100 barrels per hour. Clinker Grinding Costs. Rapid AirQuenching — Clinker from an Allis Chalmers grate cooler is a true airquenched clinker, having favorable grinding characteristics. Hot clinker from the kiln is cooled ...

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